Not So Progressive Votes Of Sen. Bernie Sanders

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He OPPOSED legislation that would've MAINTAINED OR CREATED OVER 300,000 SMALL BUSINESS JOBS through loans:
OPPOSED efforts to increase funding for advanced technology projects:
OPPOSED Democratic attempts to prevent GOP cuts and increase funding for benefits aimed at LEGAL immigrants, Medicaid, the disabled, and children safety nets:
OPPOSED federal funding to help the homeless:
OPPOSED increased funding for nutritional programs for women, infants, and children:
OPPOSED increases funding for rural development programs:
OPPOSED additional funding for rural housing and development:
OPPOSED funding for assisting prospective homeowners with AIDS:
OPPOSED allowing breastfeeding on federal grounds:
OPPOSED legislation requiring federal agencies to create and enforce anti-sex discrimination policies:
OPPOSED legislation banning imports from forced child labor:
OPPOSED funding going towards investigations of unfair trade practices:
OPPOSED legislation encouraging Pentagon to avoid using foreign imports over domestic ones:
PROPOSED withdrawing from WTO:
OPPOSED increased education funding:
OPPOSED increases funding for poor students:
OPPOSED legislation increasing financial aid:
TWICE OPPOSED increased science funding for historically black colleges:
OPPOSED a bill providing massive support to the agricultural communities:
SUPPORTED cutting agricultural funding by ten percent:
OPPOSED increases agricultural funding:
OPPOSED increased funding for prominent farming communities:
OPPOSED funding for drought assistance:
OPPOSED funding for building and repairing farms:
SUPPORTED gutting oversight for agricultural marketing practices:
OPPOSED legislation marketing oversea agriculture practices:
OPPOSED increased food safety and inspection: