What The GOP Doesn't Know About The Constitution

They claim this nation is a Christian nation, yet our Constitution specifically omits any mention of Christianity, the Treaty of Tripoli directly states this country was in no way founded on the Christian religion and our First Amendment clearly states we have the freedom of religion—again with no mention of any specific religion.  
They seek to ban abortion, though our Supreme Court (per the powers given to the court by our Constitution) says a woman’s right to choose is a Constitutiolly protected right (Roe v. Wade).  Yet Republican politicians nationwide are constantly pushing measures to infringe upon that right.
They want to define marriage as only between a man and a woman, based on some religious beliefs.  These proposed laws violate the First Amendment of our Constitution.  You know, that whole “freedom of religion” part.
They’ve supported tough immigration laws that promote discrimination.  Laws such as those in Arizona which were deemed unconstitutional by our Supreme Court.  You remember that law, right?  Where law enforcement officers were allowed to stop whoever they wanted if they lookedlike someone who might be here illegally.  Even though this law was mostly struck down, Republicans across the country continue to push for strict immigration laws which continue to get struck down by the courts.
Health Care
The Affordable Care Act passed by Congress, signed by the President and upheld as Constitutional by the Supreme Court is the law of the land—period.  Yet, you have Republicans all across our country looking as hard as they can to find any sort of loophole to avoid complying with the law.
Sadly, the only amendment they seem to blindly support is the Second Amendment giving Americans the right to bear arms. Though they ignore the entire first part which clearly has the phrase “well regulated militia.”
Outside of the Second Amendment, which Republicans ignore the first half of, the only value they use to validate their patriotism is essentially a very subjective form of “freedom.”  Conservatives often never blink an eye when supporting freedoms for straight, white Christian males—but for everyone else, those freedoms are often debatable.
In fact, they’ll happily support restrictions on rights for Americans they disagree with.  So they don’t really support Constitutional rights, they support those “rights” of which they agree—while strongly opposing rights of which they disagree.
You see, Republicans really don’t like our Constitution at all.  They can’t stomach the thought that real freedom means supporting rights which you might not fully agree with.  Freedom isn't saying that everyone must agree with you, be like you, think like you, love like you and follow religion like you.  That’s not freedom, that’s control.
What many Republicans worship is a distortion of two different written works.  First, a version of the Bible where 95% of what’s written inside is ignored, building their entire faith off a handful of quotes.  And second, they've created some version of the Constitution they wish existed—but never has.