These Pics are from allegedly Dyllan Roof's Website

These Pics are from allegedly Dyllan Roof's Website Where his manifesto is also located as of 6-21 the site is down probably from too much traffic
Dylann Roof, the man responsible for the massacre in Charleston last Wednesday, had a website called The Last Rhodesian where in addition to publishing his manifesto he uploaded dozens of pictures.
The images are a disturbing look into the sad and lonely life of a racist monster preparing himself to commit mass murder. One theme is consistent in all of the photos: There is nobody present but Dylann Storm Roof.
Perhaps the eeriest of the photos is the close-up of the .45 Roof is supposed to have used in the murders.

To consider the carnage caused by that weapon sends chills down my spine.
Here’s the rest of Roof’s collection:100_1443100_1611100_1636100_1644100_1681100_1688100_1699100_1704100_1706100_1713100_1758100_1797100_1808100_1831100_1832
All those pictures and never once the hint of a smile. Obsessed with the confederacy, Dylann Roof is the epitome of southern raised racist with a twist of his own special brand of hatred.
While Roof’s racism and anti-establishment rhetoric reeks of the right-wing extremists that helped mold him, he makes some of the worst racists on Facebook look mild by comparison.