‘It’s not funny anymore. Media — do your f*cking job’

Bill Maher opener (screenshot)

Bill Maher went off on Friday night as the country heads into the final days of the 2016 Presidential Election.
Speaking on the “right-wing coup” that is taking place across the country, Maher had some words for the media. “It’s not f*cking funny,” he said. “Media, do your f*cking job.”
“We have reached peak insanity here. The Russians are creating fake documents to discredit the Hillary campaign,” he said. “And the Trump campaign tweets them out as if they are real.”
“Republicans are trying to elect a sexually assaulting psychopath who is, if not a Russian agent, unwittingly working as one,” Maher exclaimed.
He continued by calling out Trump’s allegations that Hillary Clinton will somehow allow 650 million immigrants to enter the country “in the first week.” Maher stated, “And the pundits said ‘Trump is on message.’ Yeah, if the message is ‘I’m f*cking insane.'”