US gov served up sanctions to some Venezuelan officials

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Wait...back up.

Venezuela sits on the world's largest oil reserves - and its economy depends on a strong oil market. But oil prices have been tanking for years, along with access to basic supplies like medicine and TP. Venezuelan President Maduro hasn't handled this all well. He's moved to consolidate his power by throwing opponents in jail and trying to get rid of Congress. As expected, Venezuelans are not pleased. So for months, they've stepped up calls for him to turn in his two-weeks notice. But Maduro keeps hitting 'ignore.'

Now what?

Maduro's pushing to change the constitution. He says it'll help stabilize the country. But opponents say it's just another way for him to make Venezuela look a whole lot like a dictatorship. Maduro's holding an election this weekend for the country to pick a team to do the constitution rewrite.

So what's the latest?

Yesterday, the US gov said 'this is so not democratic' and banned more than a dozen current and former Venezuelan officials from doing business in the US. The gov is also ready to roll out more sanctions if Maduro doesn't back down.

For years, Maduro's taken steps to dismantle the country's democratic pillars. Pushback from his own country and the international community hasn't seemed to sway him. TBD