DO NOT collect Items to send to Haiti

The recent earthquake in Haiti has caused a level of devastation that we hope most us will never have to suffer through in our lifetimes. .

This site s called

"Charity Navigator" will provide an overview of a dozen or so charities that are currently active in the Haitian relief efforts.

In their own words:

" Here are a few of our 3 and 4-star charities
responding to the crisis along with a synopsis of their plans. Each of
these charities has a history of working on massive disasters and/or of working in Haiti"

Do Not Send Supplies – Knowing that millions of people
are desperately in need of food and water, it is hard not to want to
pack up a box of supplies and send it to Haiti.
But this type of philanthropy is simply not practical or efficient.
Even if mail could get to Haiti, no one is set up to receive these
goods, much less organize and distribute them to the victims.
Furthermore, charities are often able to partner with companies to
acquire large amounts of in-kind donations such as bottled water and new clothing. Instead of boxing up and sending your old clothing, have a garage sale and turn your used goods
into cash and donate that to a worthy charity.

Go To Charity Navigator
or type in the url to your browser address
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