Video: Russian Officials Publicly Threaten to Release Blackmail on Trump

It seems like Russian President Vladimir Putin may be deciding that popular vote loser Donald Trump is more trouble than he’s worth after he failed to lift US sanctions against Russia multiple times.
Russian officials are speaking out against Trump, mocking him, taunting, and talking about releasing information that could finish off Trump’s struggling presidency.
A Russian debate took place on Russian state-run television where several Russian officials discussed various political issues. One of which was was Nikita Isaev, the Director of the Russian Institute of Contemporary Economics.
He said, “Let’s hit Trump with our Kompromat!”, (Note: in Russian, this means “compromising material”, is damaging information about a politician or other public figure used to create negative publicity, for blackmail, or for ensuring loyalty).
This certainly looks like a reference to the infamous Pee Pee Tape or, at the very least, some type of other blackmail material the Kremlin is holding over Trump’s head.
The host asked, “Do we have it?” Isaev responded “Of course we have it!”
You can watch the hour-long Russian-language video can be watched here.

Nikita Isaev’s call for the release of Kompromat. The interested part here is that someone in Isaev’s position wouldn’t have said something like this on Kremlin-controlled TV unless Vladimir Putin gave him permission to say it.


U.N. Official Shocked at Poverty In Rural Alabama

A United Nations official investigating poverty in the United States was shocked at the level of environmental degradation in some areas of rural Alabama, saying he had never seen anything like it in the developed world.

Mueller And Friends Should Be 'Locked Up' Says Fox Host

Mueller And Friends Should Be 'Locked Up' Says Fox Host

A Fox News host has suggested the FBI and Department of Justice should undergo a “cleansing” that would see Special Counsel Robert Mueller and a number of other staff “locked up.” Jeanine Pirro commented on Saturday night that there was corruption in the departments that necessitated investigation – blaming Mueller, former FBI director James Comey and…

Congress Spinning It's Wheels On Health Care

Congress ostensibly moved a little bit closer to wrapping up its end-of-year to-do list yesterday but has made no progress toward resolving the myriad health care issues on that list.
  • Both chambers have now passed a two-week spending bill, keeping the government open until Dec. 22, when we'll have to do this all again — for real. House Speaker Paul Ryan said in a statement he was "glad" the House had acted to "fund the Children's Health Insurance Program."
  • Reality check: The stopgap bill makes it easier for states to tap existing, leftover CHIP funding. It does not authorize new federal funding for the program. A slew of states will start running out of money early next year, and the pot of money they're able to draw from now won't last very far into 2018.
  • The goal is still to pass a larger CHIP funding extension with the longer spending bill, but there's no agreement yet on the substance of that extension.
  • Ryan has promised conservatives that none of these spending bills will include a restoration of the Affordable Care Act's cost-sharing payments, according to Politico.
  • That's one of the policies Sen. Susan Collins had insisted on, and her other ACA-related demand — another, larger set of payments to insurance companies — would be even harder to pass in the House.
  • Collins told a local TV station she would consider voting against the final tax bill if she's not happy with it, though the interview only covers her efforts to avert an automatic cut in Medicare payments — not the ACA-related provisions.
  • Senate Republican leaders could afford to lose Collins' vote, as long as no one else follows her and Alabama's Senate seat is still in GOP hands whenever a final bill comes to the floor.
The bottom line: The rest of this month is going to be a roller coaster.


Right Wing Media Wants Us To Believe Trump Has Loose Dentures

WATCH: Trump's Dentures Just Tried To Escape From His Mouth During His Israel Speech

On Wednesday, Donald Trump announced that the United States will now officially recognize the city of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, and he announced plans to move the American embassy from Tel Aviv to the holy city in the near future. At the end of the speech, the 71-year-old former reality show star started slurring…

Florida's Democrats Speak Out about Michael Flynn's Plea Deal

Florida Democrats believe Friday’s news that the plea deal negotiated by former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn points to bigger problems for President Donald Trump and his closest advisers. Several weighed in after the story broke.
“Flynn’s guilty plea is another significant step in making the case that there was collusion with the Russians,” declared Sen. Bill Nelson.
Val Demings, a former Orlando police chief, said the news tells her the Trump administration thinks it is above the law.

“As a 27-year law enforcement officer, it is deeply offensive to me that this administration has repeatedly hidden behind cries of ‘law and order’ while breaking the law themselves,” she stated in a release.
“Every American should be disturbed that the Trump administration considers themselves above the law,” she continued. “Before now, the question was whether this went all the way to the top. President Trump and his inner circle will have a sleepless night.”
Alcee Hastings of Miramar called Flynn’s deal “the latest step in uncovering the degree to which the Trump administration colluded with the Russian government.”
“Former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn has admitted to contacting the Russian Government, under instruction from President Trump’s transition team, and then lying about it to the FBI. Even though today’s guilty plea was not unexpected, it is still an outrageous and shameful admission of purposefully misleading the American people.”
Ted Deutch of Boca Raton said Flynn’s guilty plea only raises more questions about potential collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia.
“As I have repeatedly said, Special Counsel [RobertMueller must be allowed to continue his work unobstructed by the White House, and the House Judiciary Committee must independently examine any possible obstruction of justice,” Deutch said.
Darren Soto of Orlando said, “Flynn has dodged this investigation from the start, so this perjury charge is not surprising. The information he may reveal could be, though.”


Trump says he feels 'very badly' for Flynn, points finger at Clinton

US President Donald Trump said Monday he "feels badly" for his former national security advisor Michael Flynn, who pleaded guilty last week to lying to the FBI, and lamented that his former rival Hillary Clinton "lied many times" and nothing happened.

An Old Tweet Returns To Bite Sarah Sanders In The Ass

An Old Tweet Returns To Haunt Sarah Sanders

Twitterati has a long memory when it comes to controversial tweets. White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders found this out the hard way when one of her old tweets, which spoke ill of those critical of the FBI, was dug up and retweeted by social media users Sunday. The tweet was written last November — just…

Protecting Yourself from skimmers at the Pump

Image result for Protecting Yourself at the Pump

Protecting Yourself at the Pump

Many Floridians travel to see friends and family during the holiday season, and the U.S. Department of Transportation reports that about 91 percent of long-distance holiday travel is by personal vehicle. It's imperative to take precautions against scammers aiming to profit off holiday travel.
Card skimmers are small, electronic devices that capture information from the magnetic strip on credit or debit cards when swiped during a transaction. Over 900 of these skimmers have been found on gas pumps in Florida since March 2015, and individual skimmers have been found to hold as many as 100 credit card numbers. These devices were commonly attached to card readers on the outside of the pump, but some criminals now install skimmers inside the pump and use Bluetooth technology to transmit card and pin information. These devices are undetectable unless the pump is opened for maintenance or inspection.
Here are a few tips that will reduce your risk of encountering skimmers at the pump:
  • Pay inside with either cash or a credit card.
  • Use a pre-paid cash card to pay for your gas at the pump.
  • Do not use a pump that looks as though it has been tampered with.
  • Use the pumps closest to the front of the station, as scammers usually place skimmers in pumps furthest out of sight.
  • Monitor your credit and bank accounts regularly for unauthorized activity.
If you identify unauthorized activity on your accounts, contact your bank or credit card company, file a report with local authorities, and consider placing a credit freeze or fraud alert on your accounts.


Will Donald Trump and Fox News Get on Their Knees and Apologize to Jose Ines Garcia Zarate

Claudia Cowan reports from San Francisco.

Immigrant acquitted in shooting of Kate Steinle

A Mexican national was acquitted of murder and manslaughter charges Thursday in the fatal shooting of Kathryn Steinle, a Bay Area woman whose slaying in 2015 became a flashpoint in the national debate over people in the U.S. illegally and the role of local police in enforcing federal immigration laws.