White House Internship Program Announces Fall 2015 Participants

White House Internship Program Announces Fall 2015 Participants

WASHINGTON, DC – The White House Internship Program announced today the participants for the fall 2015 session. The mission of the program is to make the White House accessible to future leaders around the nation and to prepare those devoted to public service for future leadership opportunities.

A White House Internship provides a unique opportunity to gain valuable professional experience and build leadership skills. Interns work in one of several White House departments, including the Domestic Policy Council, the National Economic Council, the Office of Cabinet Affairs, the Office of Communications, the Office of Digital Strategy, the Office of the First Lady, the Office of Legislative Affairs, the Office of Management and Administration, the Office of Political Strategy and Outreach, the Office of the Staff Secretary, the Presidential Personnel Office, the Office of Public Engagement and Intergovernmental Affairs, the Office of Scheduling and Advance, the Office of the Vice President, the Office of the White House Counsel, and the President’s Commission on White House Fellowships.

Additional information about the White House Internship Program is available here: www.whitehouse.gov/internships

Fall 2015 White House Interns

The list below includes the fall 2015 White House Interns, their hometowns, and the higher education institution they most recently attended.

Abiye, Aden Hometown: Dallas, TX; University of Maryland, MD
Ajao, Lola Hometown: Woodbury, NY; State University of New York at Binghamton, NY
Alexander, Darrell Hometown: Jacksonville, FL; University of Florida, FL
Ambroise, Myriam Hometown: West Palm Beach, FL; Florida International University, FL
Ansari, Zehra Hometown: New York, NY; Smith College, MA
Appelbaum, Mia Hometown: New York, NY; New York University, NY
Asefirad, Aryana Hometown: San Jose, CA; University of California, Irvine, CA
Avery, Erik Hometown: South Burlington, VT; Norwich University, VT
Babington, Thomas Hometown: Severna Park, MD; University of Maryland, MD
Baharaeen, Renee Hometown: Gladstone, MO; Truman State University, MO
Barajas-Villar, Liliana Hometown: Chandler, AZ; Arizona State University, AZ
Barlow, Ian Hometown: Dayton, OH; The Ohio State University, OH
Bayes, Weston Hometown: Naples, FL; University of Central Florida, FL
Beck, Matthew Hometown: Glenelg, MD; Harvard University, MA
Bish, Vincent Hometown: Hartford, CT; Trinity College, CT
Blotevogel, Elisabeth Hometown: Jefferson City, MO; Truman State University, MO
Bogden, Matthew Hometown: Rochester Hills, MI; Grand Valley State University, MI
Boxerman, Joshua Hometown: Bethesda, MD; Northwestern University, IL
Brandon, Leo Hometown: Summerville, SC; Antioch College, OH
Bronson, Paul Hometown: Macon, GA; Fort Valley State University, GA
Brown, Joseph Hometown: Palm Coast, FL; Florida State University, FL
Brown, Nikia Hometown: Brooklyn, NY; State University of New York at Albany, NY
Byrum, Zachary Hometown: Stafford, VA; Goucher College, MD
Cano, Stephen Hometown: Sinton, TX; Texas Christian University, TX
Char, Demi Hometown: San Francisco, CA; Wesleyan University, CT
Chhean, Chamroeunpaul Hometown: Long Beach, CA; University of California, Los Angeles, CA
Chitkuer, Jessica Hometown: Fullerton, CA; Loyola University Chicago, IL
Collinson, Emily Hometown: Tustin, CA; American University, D.C.
Cooper, Joni Hometown: Rye, NY; Northwestern University, IL
Creighton, Austyn Hometown: Wheeling, WV; The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, NC
Daoud, Leah Hometown: Hayward, CA; University of California, Berkeley, CA
Davis, Paige Hometown: Indianapolis, IN; Indiana University Bloomington, IN
Davison, Adam Hometown: Santa Monica, CA; University of California, Berkeley, CA
Day, Alexandra Hometown: Severna Park, MD; Wellesley College, MA
deForest, Michael Hometown: Holland, MI; Lee University, TN
Dera, Agata Hometown: Elmwood Park, NJ; Columbia University, NY
Dexter, Molly Hometown: Eau Claire, WI; University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee, WI
Dharmavarapu, Parag Hometown: Homewood, IL; Northwestern University, IL
Dodge, Monica Hometown: New York, NY; Harvard University, MA
Doost, Sadaf Hometown: Union City, CA; University of California, Berkeley, CA
Dunn, Zachary Hometown: San Antonio, TX; The University of Texas at San Antonio, TX
Ehrari, Mariam Hometown: Commack, NY; New York University, NY
Enriquez, Ernie Hometown: Morton Grove, IL; DePaul University, IL
Farishta, Karim Hometown: Sugar Land, TX; The George Washington University, D.C.
Fernandes, Megan Hometown: Boston, MA; Northeastern University, MA
Ferrer, Joshua Hometown: Champaign, IL; Amherst College, MA
Flom, Hannah Hometown: Minneapolis, MN; The George Washington University, D.C.
Frazier, Gabriela Hometown: Hempstead, NY; Johnson & Wales University, FL
Frieber, Michael Hometown: Bedminster, NJ; Northeastern University, MA
Fronabarger, Derek Hometown: Charleston, SC; University of South Carolina, SC
Galloway-Kane, Finnian Hometown: East Hardwick, VT; University of Vermont, VT
Gebru, Bezakulu Hometown: Phoenix, AZ; The University of Arizona, AZ
Gehrcke, Taylor Hometown: Comstock Park, MI; Central Michigan University, MI
Gerstenfeld, Adam Hometown: Pembroke Pines, FL; University of Florida, FL
Godard, Abigail Hometown: Columbus, OH; The George Washington University, D.C.
Golden, Kaitlyn Hometown: Baltimore, MD; University of Maryland, Baltimore, MD
Gomez, Wendy Hometown: Los Angeles, CA; Dickinson College, PA
Gomez-Rexrode, Amalia Hometown: Washington, D.C.; University of Michigan – Ann Arbor, MI
Gray, Joshua Hometown: Simi Valley, CA; California Lutheran University, CA
Grega, Claire Hometown: Cleveland, OH; John Carroll University, OH
Grier, Loren Hometown: Rockport, MA; American University, D.C.
Hanower, Daniel Hometown: Seattle, WA; Santa Clara University, CA
Harvey, Reyna Hometown: Riverside, CA; University of California, Riverside, CA
Haynes, Caleb Hometown: Laurel, MD; Howard Community College, MD
Heley, Logan Hometown: Overland Park, KS; University of Southern California, CA
Higdon, Jacob Hometown: Jacksonville, FL; University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, NC
Higgins, Hilary Hometown: Miami, FL; Harvard University, MA
HobsonBernadette Hometown: Morgan Hill, CA; Georgetown University, D.C.
Houston, Elyse Hometown: Wesley Chapel, FL; The George Washington University, D.C.
Huh, Brian Hometown: Foothill Ranch, CA; University of Southern California, CA
Jacobs, Cajay Hometown: St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands; Cornell University, NY
James, Christina Hometown: Lexington, MA; Georgetown University, D.C.
Jean-Simon, Ermolande Hometown: Boston, MA; Boston University, MA
Johnson, Candace Hometown: Memphis, TN; Syracuse University, NY
Jordan, Tiffany Hometown: Roanoke, VA; Cornell University, NY
Kava, Samuel Hometown: Weston, FL; The George Washington University, D.C.
Kay, Daniel Hometown: Colorado Springs, CO; University of Denver, CO
Keene, Jamie Hometown: Seattle, WA; Smith College, MA
Khan, Sophia Hometown: South Riding, VA; University of Pittsburgh, PA
Kickingwoman, Sharen Hometown: Missoula, MT; Stanford University, CA
Kim, Jonathan Hometown: Los Angeles, CA; Duke University, NC
Kim, Gina Hometown: Gainesville, FL; University of Virginia, VA
Kurland, Samuel Hometown: Juneau, AK; Stanford University, CA
Laurence, Julia Hometown: Seattle, WA; Stanford University, CA
Levy, Tobias Hometown: New York, NY; Swarthmore College, PA
Libby, Samuel Hometown: Dallas, TX; Dartmouth College, NH
Lindgren, Carly Hometown: West Haven, CT; Boston University, MA
Lindgrensavage, Cerin Hometown: Los Angeles, CA; New York University, NY
Lomio, Michael Hometown: San Jose, CA; University of California, Merced, CA
Lubben, Laura Hometown: Larchmont, NY; Smith College, MA
Maddalena, Franco Hometown: Fair Lawn, NJ; Columbia University, NY
Martin, Madeleine Hometown: Vienna, VA; Boston University, MA
Mattila, Brianne Hometown: Ferndale, WA; Whitworth University, WA
Miller, Nathaniel Hometown: Santa Monica, CA; University of California, Berkeley, CA
Modi, Christina Hometown: Chesapeake, VA; University of the District of Columbia, D.C.
Morquecho, Adriana Hometown: Brooklyn, NY; State University of New York at Binghamton, NY
Mosier, Shelby Hometown: North Andover, MA; University of Miami, FL
Mulugheta, Niyat Hometown: Dallas, TX; Harvard University, MA
Murphy, Freedom Hometown: Atlanta, GA; Howard University, D.C.
Nickelson, Christopher Hometown: Houston, TX; The University of Texas at Austin, TX
Nieto, Aida Hometown: Mansfield, TX; Cornell University, NY
Nover, Scott Hometown: Cherry Hill, NJ; The George Washington University, D.C.
Obletz, Nicholas Hometown: Portland, OR; Stanford University, CA
Okoronkwo, Maryann Hometown: Houston, TX; The University of Texas at Austin, TX
Oltersdorf, Max Hometown: Cardiff-by-the-Sea, CA; University of California, Berkeley, CA
Omolola, Esther Hometown: New Carrollton, MD; Berea College, KY
Pantangco, Katherine Hometown: San Jose, CA; University of San Francisco, CA
Parsons, Victoria Hometown: Columbus, OH; The George Washington University, D.C.
Patton, Andrea Hometown: Hebron, KY; The College of Wooster, OH
Perez, Emmanuel Hometown: Delhi, CA; University of California, Berkeley, CA
Pershe, Matthew Hometown: Park City, UT; University of Pennsylvania, PA
Philips, William Hometown: Falls Church, VA; Ferrum College, VA
Philipson, Joseph Hometown: Chicago, IL; Tufts University, MA
Phillips, Logan Hometown: New Canaan, CT; Gettysburg College, PA
Pomeranz, Cody Hometown: Cincinnati, OH; Yale University, CT
Presutti, Amanda Hometown: Durham, CT; The George Washington University, D.C.
Rabinowitz, Shane Hometown: Baltimore, MD; University of Maryland, College Park, MD
Rauch, Dawn Hometown: Rutland, VT; University of California, Los Angeles, CA
Razavi, Camilia Hometown: Redwood City, CA; University of California, Berkeley, CA
Rofail, Marianne Hometown: Los Angeles, CA; DePaul University, IL
Ruttimann, Alejandra Hometown: Key Biscayne, FL; Georgetown University, D.C.
Sanchez, Raul Hometown: New York City, NY; The City University of New York, John Jay College of Criminal Justice, NY
Sauter, Sarah Hometown: Walnut Creek, CA; Whitworth University, WA
Schaafsma, Frank Hometown: Florham Park, NJ; University of Maryland, College Park, MD
Schorgl, Elizabeth Hometown: Kansas City, MO; The George Washington University, D.C.
Schumer, Michael Hometown: Muttontown, NY; The University of Chicago, IL
Shim, Sandra Hometown: Eden Prairie, CA; University of California, Berkeley, CA
Shorter, Justine Hometown: Milwaukee, WI; The SIT Graduate Institute, D.C.
Siek, Boramy Hometown: Phnom Penh, Cambodia; American University, D.C.
Signer, Jordana Hometown: Washington, D.C.; Emory University, GA
Simmons, Kaylah Hometown: Washington, D.C.; Kalamazoo College, MI
Singh, Ashveer Hometown: Milwaukee, WI; University of Wisconsin – Milwaukee, WI
Sipe, Kathleen Hometown: Portland, OR; Washington University in St. Louis, MO
Sirjani, Arrizu Hometown: Seattle, WA; Paris Institute of Political Studies, France
Sklar, James Hometown: Rochester Hills, MI; Oakland University, MI
Smith, Leah Hometown: Scottsdale, AZ; Johns Hopkins University, D.C.
Sommadossi, Tiffany Hometown: Boston, MA; American University, D.C.
Stanislawski, Aaron Hometown: New York City, NY; Columbia University, NY
Tanen, Ezra Hometown: Vaughan, Canada; York University, Canada
Thomas, Jordan Hometown: North Olmsted, OH; Elon University, NC
Tilahun, Lemi Hometown: Cedar Rapids, IA; Coe College, IA
Tully, Daniel Hometown: Downers Grove, IL; Stanford University, CA
Turk, Joseph Hometown: Middletown, DE; The Pennsylvania State University, PA
Valenzo Venegas, Janette Hometown: Los Angeles, CA; New York University, NY
Van, Vincent, Hometown: Miami, FL; University of Mount Union, OH
Vega, Nathalie Hometown: San Antonio, TX; San Antonio College, TX
Ward, Joash Hometown: Poughkeepsie, NY; Syracuse University, NY
Washington, Joshua Hometown: Breaux Bridge, LA; Loyola University New Orleans, LA
Weber, Brett Hometown: New Orleans, LA; The University of Georgia, GA
Whitworth, Victoria Hometown: Commerce, MI; University of Michigan, MI
Wiles, Grant Hometown: Fort Worth, TX; The University of Texas at Austin, TX
Wilson, Cheryl Hometown: Santa Barbara, CA; University of California, Santa Barbara, CA
Wood, Abigail Hometown: Saint Louis, MO; Truman State University, MO
Xharda, Merlinda Hometown: Peabody, MA; Northeastern University, MA
Zuniga, Lauro Hometown: Bluffton, IN; The University of Texas - Pan American, TX

The Late Show With Stephen Colbert: Pans GOP Debate 2

“Donald, you saved us from another hour and a half of that debate,” Colbert said. “You truly are a great leader, and you have earned my vote — as long as you can negotiate your presidency down from four years to — you know, two hours feels about right.”
Watch the entire segment posted online by The Late Show With Stephen Colbert:

Statement From The President On The Passing Of Two Year Budget

I applaud the Democrats and Republicans who came together this morning to pass a responsible, long-term budget agreement that reflects our values, grows our economy and creates jobs.

This agreement will strengthen the middle class by investing in education, job training, and basic research. It will keep us safe by investing in our national security. It protects our seniors by avoiding harmful cuts to Medicare and Social Security. It is paid for in a responsible, balanced way – in part with a measure to ensure that partnerships like hedge funds pay what they owe in taxes just like everybody else. It locks in two years of funding and should help break the cycle of shutdowns and manufactured crises that have harmed our economy. 

This agreement is a reminder that Washington can still choose to help, rather than hinder, America’s progress, and I look forward to signing it into law as soon as it reaches my desk. After that, Congress should build on this by getting to work on spending bills that invest in America’s priorities without getting sidetracked by ideological provisions that have no place in America’s budget process. If we can do that, we’ll help our workers and businesses keep growing the economy and building an America full of opportunity for all.


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If you want to permanently retire your Lululemon running tights and are okay with the idea of putting butter in your coffee, then the Bulletproof diet could be perfect for you. Mic’s Max Plenke just returned from Bulletproof’s biohacking conference, where he got an inside look at the wellness cult of the 1%.


After a marathon session, the Senate passed a super ambitious budget deal. The bill, which is on its way to President Barack Obama's desk, will raise the debt limit and boost spending. Critics like Sen. Rand Paul said the deal would basically let Obama borrow as much money as he wants to in his last year of office.
China made a bold move to end its one-child policy. Now that the government sees that a huge portion of its population is graying, Chinese parents will be allowed to have two kids. The one-child law was enacted almost four decades ago to curb the country’s population of nearly 1 billion, but it turns out that meant a ton of people would age out of the workforce at the same time. The decision is a game-changer for society, since the law prevented somewhere around 400 million births and resulted in forced abortions and children being taken from their parents. But individually, a lot of Chinese families aren't having kids or are sticking with one for the same reason many millennials have given: Kids are incredibly expensive.
Rep. Paul Ryan is now second in line to the presidency. With the literal passing of the gavel, Ryan became the 54th speaker of the House. For his first order of business, he changed his Twitter handle to @SpeakerRyanand tweeted, “Let’s do this.”
Russia’s testing the first all-female space crew for a moon mission. Six women between the ages of 22 and 36 began a space mission simulation this week so they can prepare to journey to the moon in 2029. Russia's making up for lost time — the country has only launched four female cosmonauts through the stratosphere in about five decades, while NASA has sent dozens. Naturally, the women were asked how they’ll cope without men, and how they’ll do their makeup and hair. Scientist Anna Kussmaul nailed it: “We are doing work. When you're doing your work, you don't think about men and women."
Raif Badawi just won an incredibly prestigious human rights award. The European Union awarded the 31-year-old flogged and imprisoned blogger the Sakharov Prize for Freedom of Thought. Badawi was fined more than $260,000 and sentenced to 1,000 lashings and 10 years in prison for insulting Islam after he co-created the Saudi Liberal Network, a forum for political and religious discourse. European officials begged Saudi Arabia yesterday to free him so he could accept the honor.

Jeb Bush Campaign Plan Leaked To Media

It’s never good when you have to say that your campaign is “not on life support.”

Despite a debate performance where he struggled to get speaking time, Jeb Bush's campaign has high hopes for their candidate in early states, according to a 112-page presentation document obtained by U.S. News that also includes details related to his internal polling as well as pointed shots at the campaign of Florida rival Marco Rubio.
The campaign had initially released 45 pages to select reporters, but the additional documents published by U.S. News on Thursday revealed the extent to which the Bush campaign is pushing its talking points against the Florida senator, while showing its frustration with a lack of discipline among supporters.

In one slide meant for donors, titled "Marco Is A Risky Bet," bullet points include: "Misuse of state party credit cards, taxpayer funds and ties to scandal-tarred former Congressman David Rivera takes away line of attack on Hillary Clinton."
Rubio and Rivera faced foreclosure on a home they jointly purchased 10 years ago, which the Florida senator recently sold for a loss of $18,000, according to The New York Times. As a state lawmaker, Rubio used the state party's credit card for personal expenses, which he later acknowledged as a mistake.
"Those who have looked into the Marco’s background in the past have been concerned with what they have found," the final bullet point reads. The next slide notes that Rubio has not gotten as many endorsements in their home state of Florida.

The document provides a rare behind-the-curtain look at the gritty details of a campaign at a crucial inflection point. Here's a breakdown of the most illuminating pieces of intelligence contained in 
Bush is now enduring a new round of hand-wringing about his campaign after he failed to land any lasting blows against his thirsty rivals Wednesday. Some donors will inevitably begin shopping for another horse, advisers inside and out of the organization will gripe and finger-point about the strategy, and another bad round of polling is likely to drop as the calendar turns to November.
The campaign was already fed up with the armchair quarterbacking from his backers, enough to devote one slide showcasing a quote in a news story from an anonymous donor mourning Bush's "death spiral."
"Discipline Matters," the title of the slide barks.
They'll need that message to be heeded in order to make it to their fourth-quarter fundraising rollout, scheduled for Dec. 5 at the trendy Art Basel in Miami. The event is called, "Pop Art, Politics & Jeb."

By then, Bush World hopes to have something to celebrate.

THE LAST WORD 10-29-15

How liberal is Boulder, Colorado? Mic's Scott Bixby hadn't been in town for more than 15 minutes before the man making his burrito offered to sell him an eighth of marijuana. "This picturesque, ├╝ber-liberal mountainside city is definitely not the first place that comes to mind when choosing the location for a Republican presidential primary debate. The tension between a conservative field of candidates and a city whose vibrant marijuana economy has defied naysayers made for a great story — and provided a vivid cast of interesting characters."


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Looking for a cuddlefest? Uber will deliver you kittens todayCNBC

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Sticky-handed, costumed kids soaring on sugar highs will go door to door this weekend looking for treats, but they’ll be shut out by one group that legally has to stay out of sight: sex offenders. Mic teamed up with the Marshall Project to look at the intense restrictions sex offenders face on the haunting holiday.


GOP candidates faced off on CNBC. Donald Trump may be a lot more tweetable than other candidates, but Twitter declared Sen. Marco Rubio and his “presidential vibe” the winner.
Republicans officially nominated Rep. Paul Ryan to be the next House speaker. The search for a new speaker has been an emotional roller coaster since John Boehner resigned and House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy threw his hat in the ring, only to promptly remove it. But members of the GOP set the path in motion yesterday for a full vote that would make Ryan the most powerful Republican in federal government.
  • It was a big day for a past House speaker too: Dennis Hastert pleaded guilty in his hush-money case to making "illegally structured bank withdrawals" to reportedly hide sexual misconduct he committed decades earlier. He could get up to six months in prison.
The South Carolina officer caught on camera slamming a student was fired. Richland County Sheriff Leon Lott said the student who was thrown and dragged by Deputy Ben Fields during a violent arrest was not “blameless,” but Fields took it too far. Meanwhile, Fields' attorney said his actions were "justified and lawful."
The FDA just approved a drug that uses herpes to fight cancer. The first-of-its-kind drug helps treat the deadliest form of skin cancer, which 74,000 Americans are expected to get this year. The bad news? A single course will reportedly cost $65,000 — and it hasn’t been proven to extend life.
Nepal elected its first female president. Bidhya Devi Bhandari is only the country’s second president since Nepal became a democratic republic in 2008. If that seems surprising, get this: Nepal has been actively working to move away from a male-dominated society, so much so that their constitution requires either the president or vice president to be a woman.